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Monday, August 3, 2020 6:30 PM.


Hi Solterra community, the pool season has been underway, and some things have come up that need the community’s cooperation. We understand this summer is harder on the entire community to enjoy the pool and the current situation is not ideal. Some community members have not been able to utilize the pool yet and its very unfortunate.


  • Please remember some key guidelines:

  • You can only book 2 times in a 7-day period. This does not change for weekends or have any exceptions.
  • Simply only book 2 times per 7-day periods.
  • You can only book for your household. Neighbors, friends and others are not allowed in your booking.
  • Book only for your household.
  • You can only book one time slot per day.
  • Please do not request a booking for the morning and evening in the same day.

    Over the weekend some kids defaced the men’s bathroom with trash, wet toilet paper and other various acts. These acts will not be tolerated and anyone performing these acts will be asked to leave and pool privileges may be revoked for the household.

    Also, we have had teenagers using the pool that have made inappropriate comments to lifeguards along with racial remarks. Solterra is an inclusive community and anyone taking part in these acts may have pool privileges revoked for their household. These acts will not be tolerated.


    Here is the link to pool reservations. Please remember to add the correct number of family members in your booking.


    Thank you- The Retreat Staff

  • Tentative date for August – The Fossil Ridge Metro District will discuss further opening measures at their board meeting on July 22nd.   It is hopeful that the Retreat will be able to accommodate larger community clubs, such as a reduced-participation Empty Nesters event or Bunco groups, in August. Event and group details will follow in the next few weeks. However, since this re-opening plan is based on the Colorado Department of Health’s current variance, an increase in COVID-19 cases could be significantly impact these plans.


June  25, 2020 Pool Registration Update

Please CLICK HERE to read the update.



Condition of Our Community Pine Trees

As you have undoubtedly noticed, a number of our pines trees appear to be dried out, discolored or diseased. This is the result of drastic temperature fluctuations experienced last fall and doesn’t necessarily mean that all these trees are dying or will need to be replaced. Our landscaping contractor, Schultz Industries, is taking recommended measures to revitalize these trees, as detailed in the attached information, and only time will tell how many we can save.

For more information CLICK HERE



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