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  • Retreat Closure on the Fourth of July

    Due to the ongoing health crisis, the Retreat and patio will unfortunately be closed on the Fourth of July. The pool, however, will be open from 10am-5pm to residents who have made reservations.

    Recently we have also had a problem with trespassers entering the pool after normal hours of operation. Offenders have been given a one-time verbal warning. However, out of safety concerns, the police will be contacted in the event of future incidents.  The pool is also monitored by security cameras which can capture these violations and identify the trespassers.   Residents violating pool access will lose their pool access for the remainder of the pool season.


  • The Retreat is Reopening


    Starting July 6 – Community clubs, such as the book club and craft club, may use the patio during Retreat operating hours (includes Monday and Wednesday evenings until 8 PM).  Club participation at the meeting must be limited to 10 or fewer residents.  Club coordinators should communicate with the Retreat staff to arrange use.  Club participants must use the pool gate to access the patio and the restrooms in the fitness center.  There will be no access to the Retreat during club meetings.   


    The Retreat patio will remain closed to the public not participating in an organized club meeting while the pool reservation system is still in effect.  Office hours are 10am-4pm Monday through Friday; Saturday 10-1pm; and Mondays and Wednesday 5-8pm. Contact the Retreat at either 303-980-5450 or


    Tentative date for August – The Fossil Ridge Metro District will discuss further opening measures at their board meeting on July 22nd.   It is hopeful that the Retreat will be able to accommodate larger community clubs, such as a reduced-participation Empty Nesters event or Bunco groups, in August. Event and group details will follow in the next few weeks. However, since this re-opening plan is based on the Colorado Department of Health’s current variance, an increase in COVID-19 cases could be significantly impact these plans.


June  25, 2020 Pool Registration Update

Please CLICK HERE to read the update.


  • Please note the July 4th Parade is now full.
  • It’s time for the Annual Solterra 4th of July Parade

  • CLICK HERE to view details .


Results of the MFA Votes from the Week of June 8, 2020

The Fossil Ridge Metropolitan District Boards 1-3 would like to inform the community of the results of the Maintenance Fee Area (MFA) vote taken the week of June 8th.

The vote outcome for standard snow removal (8 inch in alleys and garage aprons) vs. enhanced snow removal (4 & 2 inch in alleys and garage aprons) were governed by the following rules:

  1. A simple majority of the votes cast determines the outcome.
  2. A tie vote would be a vote for the standard snow removal.

The vote results are as follows:


Maintenance Fee Area






Percentage of Possible Votes






Yes Votes






No Votes






Winning Service Type








Condition of Our Community Pine Trees

As you have undoubtedly noticed, a number of our pines trees appear to be dried out, discolored or diseased. This is the result of drastic temperature fluctuations experienced last fall and doesn’t necessarily mean that all these trees are dying or will need to be replaced. Our landscaping contractor, Schultz Industries, is taking recommended measures to revitalize these trees, as detailed in the attached information, and only time will tell how many we can save.

For more information CLICK HERE




Homeowners impacted by the COVID -19

The Association has made provision for potential deferment of fees for residents impacted by the COVID -19 restrictions. Residents seeking additional information should contact Overlook Property Management. 







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The waiver process for using the pool has changed!

In the past, a new pool waiver was required each year to get your key card turned on.  However, moving forward the previously signed waiver will be used if, and only if there have been no changes in your status at home.  If no information regarding minors changed, if no information regarding authorized users changed, etc.  If all information remains the same, your previously completed pool waiver is valid moving forward.   Your current key card will be activated prior to the pool opening.

If there has been changes (ages of minors-to allow unsupervised pool access, additional pool users in the household, or key access for au-pairs etc.) a new waiver will need to be filed with the Retreat staff.  It is the responsibility of each homeowner to inform the Retreat Staff of changes and complete an updated form.  Should it be found that information was not updated, the Retreat Staff has the ability to restrict pool use.

Lastly, if you are a new resident or a first-time pool user, a waiver will need to be filed with the Retreat staff to gain access to the pool.

If there are any questions you can either call the Retreat at 303-980-5450 or email

Thank you!



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