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Solterra Community- Update 3/27/2020

To comply with the Colorado and Jefferson County Shelter-At-Home Orders, the Fossil Ridge Metropolitan District has closed all playgrounds in the community effective immediately.
Appreciate your cooperation and understanding during this time. The health and well being of the Solterra family is of the utmost importance.


Solterra Community – Latest Update 3/25/2020

Jefferson County has announced the stay at home policy to take effect March 26 until April 17. The Retreat will honor the policy and be closed during these times. Please call 303-980-5450 or email: if you have any questions or inquiries regarding the Retreat.

Stay safe and be well.

-The Retreat Staff



Please note the Retreat will continue to be closed to the public until further notice. Office hours at the Retreat have been reduced and are Monday-Friday 10am-4pm and Saturday 10am-1pm. Please contact the Retreat at or 303-980-5450 if you have any questions.


Solterra Neighbors:

Your Fossil Ridge Metropolitan District Boards remain focused on the health and safety of Solterra residents during the current health crisis. 

We are in daily contact with both our District Manager (CRS) and Community Manager (Overlook Properties).  These organizations are closely monitoring developments in Colorado, as well as participating in online training focused on how to best handle the new and rapidly changing challenges that we are facing.  This is a new experience for all of us!  

Our managers have been in contact with our community service providers to assess their capabilities in safely providing our community’s necessary services (snow removal/landscape, trash collection, pool preparation, etc.).  We will continue to advise you of any further changes that are necessary.  We have already notified you that, while the Retreat has been closed to the public, it is still operational by phone or email and that the Easter Party was canceled.

The boards have also requested that each of our providers capture the new practices and procedures learned from this challenging experience.  These lessons learned will be invaluable in better responding to future challenges.

The Board members are your neighbors.  If you have questions or concerns, please contact us.  Our contact information can be found on Solterra-Connect.

Your Fossil Ridge Metropolitan District Boards 1-3




Easter Event Cancelled

The Easter social has been cancelled. Future social events will continue as planned unless otherwise posted. We understand the current events is fluid and we wish everyone the utmost safety and good health.

-Solterra Social Committee

News and Announcements


COVID-19 NOTICE Retreat Closure

As the coronavirus, COVID-19, continues making headlines, the Board and CRS Staff supporting our Community in the operation of the Retreat want you to be aware the following:

-The health and wellbeing of Solterra community members and Retreat staff is at the utmost importance.

-The Retreat will still be staffed by CRS during normal business hours and will not be open to the public until further notice. All communication for the Retreat will be conducted through email and by phone.

-To minimize exposure to the community and the staff at the Retreat: all community events, social clubs and fitness classes have been cancelled until further notice.

-Rental events for the month of March will be notified and provided the option to cancel the rental at no cost.

-A safe distance for Retreat staff and community members is recommended to avoid any exposure. Staff members having any symptoms will not be allowed on site to work.

-The Retreat will continually be wiped down and sanitized by staff members along with regular scheduled cleanings.

-We understand this is a fluid situation and is subject to change.

-You may contact the Retreat at 303-980-5450 or by email

Thank you for your cooperation


Fossil Ridge Metropolitan District’s 1-3

Board of Directors Election May 5, 2020


February 28, 2020, was the deadline for self-nomination forms to be submitted to CRS for the May 5, 2020, Board of Director’s election.  The notice for self-nomination form requirements and deadline was e-blasted three time and posted on the home page of Solterra-Connect.

The following results were reported at the March 4, 2020, Board of Directors Meeting:

District 1:  There were three three-year terms to be filled for which three residents self-nominated.  Therefore, there will be no election.

     Electees:  Craig Brown, Mike McCleary and David McGraw

District 2:  There were two three-year terms to be filled for which two residents self-nominated.  Therefore, there will be no election.

    Electees:  Al Plumhoff and Tom Waterman

District 3: There was one two-year term and two three-year terms to be filled. One resident self-nominated for the two-year term, and three residents self-nominated for the two three- year terms.  Therefore, there will be an election for the D3 three-year terms.

   Electee:  Two-year term:  David Wilson

   Candidates for three-year term positions:  Craig Brown, Daniel Dominic and J.D. Lobue, Jr.

The three District 3 candidates will introduce themselves and give a brief presentation at a Meet the Candidates Forum tentatively scheduled for April 16 at the Retreat.  The other members of the FRMD Board will also be in attendance.  Resumes of the new board members and the District 3 candidates will be available on a website in the near future.


Metro Districts Boards of Directors Elections –
May 5, 2020

If you are interested in serving on one of the Metro Boards, please contact Sue Blair, Designated Election Official,, and request a self-nomination form.  The deadline to file the completed form is February 28th.   Qualifications to serve on the Board are: (1) you must be a registered elector of the State of Colorado AND either (1) a resident of the District OR (2) a property owner (or spouse or civil partner of a property owner) of taxable real or personal property situated within the District.”


2020 Fee Explanation

The FRMD Board recognizes that fee increases are never popular despite year over year increases in the cost of living.  Perhaps some additional explanation of the Board’s rationale and process in establishing the 2020 fees in Solterra would be beneficial.  The Operating Fee, which supports maintaining the community's common areas, facilities, utilities, and legal expenses, was only increased a slight amount over 2019.  However, in recognition of the fact that as Solterra continues to age (as demonstrated by the need to replace the pool heater, repave/restripe the Retreat parking lot, and replace the Retreat flooring in 2019), ongoing repair and replacement of the community facilities will be necessary.  It is important to also note that while Brookfield controlled the FRMD Board, the reserve to fund such repairs was significantly underfunded. For these reasons, the Board felt it imperative to further augment our reserve fund with an $80 per quarter assessment from each homeowner.  This allows the Board to more expeditiously react to issues and alleviates the need to impose unanticipated and costly special assessments on homeowners when maintenance of community facilities is required. 
For clarification purposes, your quarterly Fossil Ridge Metro District bill of $350 combines the $270 operating fee and the $80 reserve fee.
The recently completed Reserve Study should be posted on the Solterra-Connect website early next week. It details the projected useful life of each of the community’s facilities/amenities and projects the cost to repair and/or replace each of them.
In regards to obtaining community feedback on the budget and associated fees prior to the final vote on December 2nd, the District Board held three community fee and budget workshops.  Time for public comment was allocated at each of these meetings.  
In the future, residents are encouraged to participate in the budget workshops and offer input before a final decision is made.  Homeowners who wish to become more actively involved in budget decisions should consider running for one of the FRMD Board positions in the May 2020 election.



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